Friday, September 19, 2014

Results Of Mike Neills Memorial Drag Hunts
Date; Saturday 13th' September 2014

Puppy Results
1st' Henry, Jason O Leary, Pound Club;
2nd' Ferry Meg Vincent Murphy Ferry Club;
3rd' Miss Quietly, Mike Joe Driscoll, Ballinskelligs Club;
4th' Reen Lily, Shane Driscoll, Ballinskelligs Club;
5th' Vicky Rose, Patrick Dillon, Ballinskelligs Club;
6th' Roma Boy, Joseph Driscoll, Portmagee Club;

Timed at 35 Mins,  16 Pups Ran;

Senior Results
1st' Councellar, Joseph Driscoll, Portmagee Club;
2nd' Ballinard Kerry, Patrick Dillon, Ballinskelligs Club;
3rd' Paddy Mike Griffin, Glen Club;
4th' Spider, Mike Griffin Glen Club;
5th' Harper, Joseph Driscoll, Portmagee Club;
6th' Gypsy, Anthony O Sullivan, Glen Club;
7th' Blue Silver, Patrick Dillon,  Ballinskelligs Club;
8th' Misty, Mossie Brennan, Killoe Club;
9th' Dawn Mist, Johnie Cronin, Ballinskelligs Club;
10th' Blue Lady, Joseph Driscoll, Portmagee Club;
11th' Storm, Dan McCarthy, Ballinskelligs Club;
12th' Samantas Lad, Patrick Dillon, Ballinskelligs Club;

Timed at 48.50,  56 Hounds Ran;


Anonymous said...

Henry is bang on form make a good wee dog next year, he and that miss quitely bitch are true champions

Anonymous said...

They dont look 2 promising this year,i had a comrad of henry very fast but a brainless little bugger