Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Noreen McGill 1972-2011 R.I.P

In Memory Of Noreen McGill, Member of The Kerry Beagle Association,Who sadly passed away on the 25th of October. She will be sadly missed by her Husband John,  family,  friends, and all members of the Association. May she rest in Peace.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

 Finbarr O Sullivan from the ICDA Cork, with his Senior Pup Mossgrove Lass, In a dead heat for 1st place in the Puppy All Ireland at Bally Claw
                        Puppy All Ireland 2011
            Date, Sunday  18th September  2011

1st’ Dead Heat, Mossgrove Lass, Finbarr O Sullivan, ICDA Cork;
Midday Breeze,  A O’ Callaghan, Douglas Cork;
3rd’ Blenchmoor,  Larry Duggan,  Northern Hunt Cork;
4th’ Sophie’s Choice,  D O Callaghan, Douglas Cork;
5th’ Quite Lady, Francis Carroll, ICDA Cork;
6th’ Mossy,  Berni Rall, Mayfield  Cork;

Timed  at  25.40,      48  Pups Ran;

              Senior Results
1st’ Mosgrove Quietly, Declen Donavan, ICDA Cork;
2nd’ Mexican Magican, Peter Barret, ICDA Cork;
3rd’ Blue Lightening, Eamon Murphy, ICDA Cork;
4th’ Justice, John Callaghan, Southern Harriers Cork;
5th’ Kempess, Jerry Murphy, ICDA Cork;
6th’ Mikado, Michael John Buckley, Clogheen Cork;

Timed at  35.05 Mins,  65 Hounds Ran;