Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Puppy Registrations - 2010

Should make for an interesting and unpredictable puppy season. Here is the mouthwatering lineup:

Puppy Registrations 2010
Name                                      Owner                           Club
 Jack the lad                            Dan McCarthy                  Ballinskelligs Club
 Hiker                                    Dan McCarthy                   Ballinskelligs Club
 JJ                                          Mick Joe Driscoll               Ballinskelligs Club
Clahananoe Lad                     Jerry Cronin                    Ballinskelligs Club
Nimbin                                   Luke Harty                        Ballinskelligs Club
Hyper                                    Kevin Cronin                     Ballinskelligs Club
Molly                                     Con o Leary                      Pound Club
Tania                                     Con o Leary                      Pound Club
Danny Boy                           Joseph Driscoll                  Portmagee Club
Small  Zeb                                  Joseph Driscoll                  Portmagee Club
The General                           Danny Lyons                     Killoe Club
Jackson                                 David Lyons                      Killoe Club
Rocket                                   Niall   Lyons                      Killoe Club
Tibo                                      Murris Brennan                  Killoe Club
Lilly                                       Murris Brennan                  Killoe Club
Shamba                                 Mossy Brennan                  Killoe Club
Judge                                     Mossy Brennan                  Killoe Club
Quite Lady                             Patrick Donoghue              Valentia Club
Maxwell                                 Patrick Donoghue              Valentia Club
Bonnie Lass                           Patrick Donoghue              Valentia Club
Hold on                                 Patrick Donoghue              Valentia Club
Ferry Ploughboy                   Vincent Murphy                   Ferry Club
Ferry Spark                          Vincent Murphy                   Ferry Club
Ferry Kizzy                             Vincent Murphy                 Ferry Club
Ferry June                               Declen Driscoll                Ferry Club 

Sam                                       Noreen McGill                  Ardcost Club

Daisy                                     Noreen McGill                  Ardcost Club

Jessie                                      John McGill                    Ardcost Club