Sunday, August 24, 2014

Results Of The Ferry Club  Drag Hunt
Date Thursday, 21st' August 2014

Puppy Results
1st' Roma Boy, Joseph Driscoll, Portmagee Club;
2nd' Killmurry Boy , Jerry Driscoll, Portmagee Club;
3rd' Vicky Rose, Patrick Dillon, Ballinskelligs Club;
4th' Wild Echo, Bobby Burton, Valentia Club;
5th' Charlies Son, Patrick Dillon, Ballinskelligs Club;
6th' Miss Quietly, Mike Joe Driscoll, Ballinskelligs Club;

Timed at 19.10 Mins,  13 Pups Ran;

Senior Results
1st' Blue Dreamer, Jerry Driscoll, Portmagee Club;
2nd' Blue Lady, Joseph Driscoll, Portmagee Club;
3rd' Councellar, Joseph Driscoll, Portmagee Club;
4th' Rory, Jason O Leary, Pound Club;
5th' Harper, Joseph Driscoll, Portmagee Club;
6th' Mack, Ciaran Smith, Glen Club;

Timed at 20.30 Mins,  24 Hounds Ran;

Maiden Results
1st' Ranger, Johnie Cronin, Ballinskelligs Club;
2nd' Captain, Jerry Driscoll, Portmagee Club;
3rd' Miley, Anthony O Sullivan, Glen Club;
4th' Ballinard Kerry , Patrick Dillon Ballinskelligs Club;
5th' Storm, Dan McCarthy, Ballinskelligs Club;
6th' Alladin, Con O Leary Pound Club;

Timed at  19.20,  30 Hounds Ran;

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