Monday, May 13, 2013

    Pound  Club Drag Hunts Results
Date; Sunday,  12th’ May 2013

        Puppy Results

1st Rory, John McGill, Ardcost Club;
2nd’ Tiger, John McGill, Ardcost Club;
3rd’ Robbie, Mike Joe Driscoll, Ballinskelligs Club;
4th’ Ferry Julie, Vincent Murphy, Ferry Club;
5th’ Spider, John McGill, Ardcost Club;
6th’ Ferry  Rambo, Vincent Murphy, Ferry Club;

Timed at 16 Mins,  18 Pups Ran

           Senior Results
1st’ Jess, John McGill, Ardcost Club;
2nd’ Gambler, John McGill, Ardcost Club;
3rd’ Sam, John McGill, Ardcost Club;
4th’ Son Of Warrenscourt, Vincent Murphy, Ferry Club;
5th’ Dawn Mist, Johnie Cronin, Ballinskelligs Club;
6th’ Jackson, Joseph Driscoll, Portmagee Club;

          Timed at 35.45,  18 Hounds Ran;

                  Maiden Results
1st’ Daisy, John McGill, Ardcost Club;
2nd’ Glen, John McGill, Ardcost Club;
3rd’ Ranger, Johnie Cronin, Ballinskelligs Club;
4th’ Gypsy, Anthony O Sullivan, Glen Club;
5th’ Clahananoe Lad, Patrick Dillon, Ballinskelligs Club;
6th’ Dawn Light, Johnie Cronin, Ballinskelligs Club;

We would like to thank the pullers of the drag
John O Leary, John Driscoll, Declen Driscoll, Paddy O Leary
And Con O Leary Thanks  to our Sponsor Gerald kennedy Bridge Bar
A special thank you to Jason O Leary for organizing the Drag;


mike said...

Hello Con, I found your site when searching for information on the Kerry Beagle recently. I had always heard of this breed but, until recently, I regret to say that I thought it had become extinct. I live in Co. Tipperary and am interested in finding out more about the Kerry Beagle breed as we are thinking about the possibility of buying one as as a pet and perhaps for a little drag hunting - if we can find a good breeder willing to sell one. So far, I haven't seen any Kerry Beagles - pups or adult dogs - for sale on the internet or anywhere else, so any information re. contacts for breeders, etc. would be greatly appreciated. A couple of questions: can you state the main differences between the Kerry Beagle and the English Foxhound, and between the Kerry Beagle and a Harrier? Are they generally just bred by Hunts to join the packs, or will they sell pups to 'outsiders'? Do you know of any Kerry Beagle owner or breeder in the south midlands area where I could potentially go and see the dogs or possible buy a pup? Thank you for the interesting blog and keep up the good work! Mike O'Dwyer.

Con O'Leary said...

Hello Mike,
There is one man who has a great Kerry Beagle who is now eleven years old and would be great for breeding or as a pet. He is from Valentia Island and you can contact him by 0876480276.
The Kerry Beagle is a much stronger dog compared to the English Foxhound and in compared to the Harrier the Kerry Beagle is much bigger.
Yes they are generally just bred by hunts to join the packs,and typically the pups are not sold to 'outsiders'.