Saturday, July 23, 2011

Results Of The Ballinskelligs Club Drag Hunt;
Date;  Saturday  23rd’ July  2011

                Puppy Results

1st’ Son Of Warrenscourt, Vincent Murphy, Ferry Club;
2nd’ Gambler, John Noreen McGill, Ardcost Club;
3rd’ Cody, John Noreen McGill, Ardcost Club;
4th’ Queen Of Valentia, Bobby Burton, Valentia Club;
5th’ Harmony, John Noreen McGill, Ardcost Club;
6th’ Charlene, John Noreen McGill, Ardcost Club;

      Timed at 29.20 Mins,  18 Pups Ran;

                      Senior Results

1st’ Jackson, Joseph Driscoll, Portmagee Club;
2nd’ Jessie, John McGill, Ardcost Club;
3rd’ Ferry Beamish, Vincent Murphy, Ferry Club;
4th’ High Quest, Niall Lyons, Killoe Club;
5th’ Saffire Jet, John McGill, Ardcost Club;
6th’ Get Smart, Dan O Connor, Valentia Club;

     Timed at  38 Mins,  25 Hounds Ran;

                Maiden Results

1st’ Little Vick, Niall Lyons, Killoe Club;
2nd’ Cracker, Bobby Burton, Valentia Club;
3rd’ Son Of Randy, Ciaran Smith, Glen Club;
4th’ Ferry Sally, Vincent Murphy, Ferry Club;
5th’ Daisy, Noreen McGill, Ardcost Club;
6th’ Gipsy, Anthony O Sullivan, Glen Club;

Timed at  38 Mins,   38 Hounds Ran;

We would like to thank the Pullers of the Drag
Mike Joe Driscoll, Shane Driscoll, Mark Galvin
Patrick Dillon Kevin Cronin and Con O Leary

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