Sunday, April 10, 2011

Results of the Waterville Inn Bar Drag Hunt;

Date Saturday, 10 April 2011

Puppy Results

1st Gambler, John+Noreen McGill, Ardcost Club
2nd Son Of Warrenscourt, Vincent Murphy, Ferry Club
3rd Charlene, John+Noreen McGill, Ardcost Club
4th Harmony, John+Noreen Mcgill, Ardcost Club
5th Reen Diamond, Shane Driscoll, Ballinskelligs Club
6th Dusty, Joseph Driscoll, Portmagee Club

Timed at 10:50, mins 22 pups ran

Senior Results

1st Hard to say, Thomas Murry, ICDA Cork
2nd Speedy, Paddy Leary, Pound Club
3rd Randy, Ciaran Smith, Glen Club
4th Jessie, John McGill, Ardcost Club
5th Joker, Joseph Driscoll, Portmagee Club
6th Airaforce, Jason O Leary, Pound Club

Timed at 26:30 mins 26 hounds ran

Maiden Results

1st Travel Mist, Johnny Cronin, Ballinskelligs Club
2nd The Bird, Gerry Driscoll, Portmagee Club
3rd Sam, John McGill, Ardcost Club
4th Daisy, Noreen McGill, Ardcost Club
5th The Doc, Vincent Murphy, Ferry Club
6th Podge, Gloria Driscoll, Portmagee Club

Timed at 26:40 Mins, 45 hounds ran

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