Sunday, September 12, 2010

Results Of The Ballinskelligs Club Drag Hunt;
   Date; Saturday, 11th’  September  2010

                   Puppy Results
1st’ Dead Heat Danny Boy, Joseph Driscoll, Portmagee  Club;
Jessie, John McGill, Ardcost Club;
3rd’ Sam, John McGill, Ardcost Club;
4th’ Call Me Dad, Jason O Leary, Pound Club;
5th’ Daisy, Noreen McGill, Ardcost Club;
6th’ Ferry Tune, Vincent Murphy, Ferry Club;

          Timed at 31 Mins,  16 Pups Ran;

                     Senior Results
1st’ Midday Lad, Muiris Brennan, Killoe Club;
2nd’ Saffire Jet, John McGill, Ardcost Club;
3rd’ Murry, Gerry Driscoll, Portmagee Club;
4th’ Jackson, Joseph Driscoll, Portmagee Club;
5th’ Princess Sally, Mossie Brennan, Killoe Club;
6th’ Nemo, Ciaran Smith, Glen Club;

   Timed at 50 Mins,   28 Hounds Ran;

                       Maiden Results
1st’ Daisy, Anthony O Sullivan, Glen Club;
2nd’ Highway, Gerry Driscoll, Portmagee Club;
3rd’ Winnie, Declen Driscoll, Pound Club;
4th’ Blue Lady, Patrick O Donohue, Valentia Club;
5th’ Kerry, Vincent Murphy, Ferry Club;
6th’ Small Vick, Niall Lyons, Killoe Club;

        Timed at  49 Mins,  25 Hounds Ran;

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