Sunday, June 07, 2009

Results Of The Portmagee Club Drag Hunts;
Date, Saturday, 6th’ June 2009

Puppy Results
1st’Paddy The Plasterer, Ciaran Smith, Glen Club;
2nd’ Sparker, Dan Connor, Valentia Club;
3rd’ Mystery, Anthony Sullivan, Glen Club;
4th’ Quick Silver, Kevin Cronin, Ballinskelligs Club;
5th’ Summer Stroller, Jason Leary, Pound Club;
6th’ Gipsy, Anthony Sullivan, Glen Club;

Timed at 15 Mins, 14 Pups Ran;

Senior Results
1st’ Nemo, Ciaran Smith, Glen Club;
2nd’ Jobs, Dan Connor, Valentia Club;
3rd’ Charlie, Noreen McGill, Ardcost Club;
4th’ Euro Tavia, Mike Joe Driscoll, Ballinskelligs Club;
5th’ Black Jack, Niall Lyons, Killoe Club;
6th’ Helens Choice, Bobby Burton, Valentia Club;

Timed at 28 Mins, 28 Hounds Ran;

Maiden Results
1st’ Ferry Boy, Vincent Murphy, Ferry Club;
2nd’ Casper, Noreen McGill, Ardcost Club;
3rd’ Chappy, Kieran Coffey, Killoe Club;
4th’ Daisy, Anthony Sullivan, Glen Club;
5th’Maggie, Tony Harty, Ballinskelligs Club;
6th’ Blue Bell, Ciaran Smith, Glen Club;

Timed at 27 Mins, 47 Hounds Ran;

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